Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The North Desert

Spent some time in the North Desert a few weeks ago. That would be a tough place to survive by yourself.
It's really beautiful country, but I dont go there unprepared. I ussually keep enough gear in my vehicle that I could use it as a camp for a week or so if I had to. I dont want to be one of those people on the news that S&R Teams have to go find.
Here are some pics..
I did a little coyote hunting, but the fur market isn't too good this year so I probably wont shoot too many more this season.
I also saw the biggest herd of Elk that I have ever seen, at least 100 of them. Unfortunately they werent in camera range...maybe next time.

It snowed the second day I was there, while I was walking to my next stand I noticed a little hole in the snow. It didnt look like the normal varmint dens that cover this area so I investigated it. While poking around the snow caved in to reveal a hole in the roof of a lava tube. If I would of been walking a few feet to the side I would of fallen in to this thing. It would of been an 8 to 10 foot drop with no way to get out. It made me paranoid to walk for a while, that could of been a deadly mistake, but I am going back there this spring with a ladder and some help.
I'll make sure I bring the camera too....
Thanks for reading. This was my first post (of many hopefully), on my first blog.


  1. Have added you to my list over at Idaho Preppers and am looking forward to reading more on your blog. What do you keep in your car that would help you to use it as a camp for a week? Glad that you are passing your skills on to your son--that's priceless!

  2. Food, water and a sleeping bag are the basics. I have a few candles and sternos to help with heating.
    In my pack that I carry with me are the other things that might come in handy; tube tent, poncho, fire making stuff,etc.
    I actually just bought the ingredients for "heat in a can" that I found from the link on your blog. I tested it in the garage yesterday and found that it works great. I highly recomend it. The candle and sterno that I have now makes me nervous since they emit carbon dioxide(monoxide?). So the heater in the can might be replacing them.
    On a side note, don't touch the can after you light it, it gets burning hot instantly..........found out the hard way.

  3. Lonesome, welcome to the world of Blogland. You're off to a great start, and love the varmint pix. One of these days...
    Teaching our kids to survive in this world is the most daunting and rewarding challenge we face. So glad yours is picking up the lessons- and don't worry about his mind wandering, he has a lot on his plate.